Vrooooooom!Darby's DAX Build
LWB V8 Powered DAX Rush
(Started December 2008)

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January(ish) and the Rear End.

The following kind of started in December so that I could mix up panelling and mechanical bits.  The panelling in my opinion can be bloody boring/frustrating/hand killing at times so move about and remember where you got to and it will be all the better.  Keep a note pad handy as well so you can scribble things down which you need to revisit and finish off.

Anyway, differential first and this is fairly straight forward.  I spent 20 minutes on the living room floor working out which bolt went where and how many washers etc. were needed with each one.  Then  off to the garage with my Neighbour Derek, I carefully balanced the diff on the trolley jack and got ready to line it up with it's mounting brackets.  Being the retard that I am, I hadn't put the bushes in.  10 minutes with a fairy liquid bottle and a rubber mallet they were all in place and the diff was hovering around the right area.  I did the front pair of bolts first as they were easily available and they gave me a fixed arc of movement to get the other holes lined up.  Due to a few dribbles of Hammerite going into the upper and lower bolt holes, they needed a bit of gentle persuasion but all in all fairly straight forward to do.  Picture below (needs a third coat of Hammerite).

In goes the Diff

As you can see from the above, I then started to put the A-Frame and De Dion tube in place but before I did that, it was a case of pushing the two bushes into the A-Frame ends.  Again, fairly easy as long as you have 4 arms and suitable sockets plus a great big bench vice.  Apart from the 4 arms, I have the rest so it was a case of slowly does it and eventually I had the pushes in evenly on both sides.  Pretty sure I managed to dislocate my shoulder ever so slightly in the process as well as bruise my palm.  Anyway, enough bitching.  Onward and upward and all that.  The next thing to do was to get the A-Frame ball joint in place and tightened up.  I found that a 22mm spanner fitted nicely over the neck of the ball joint so that you could keep the whole thing from turning as you tightened the shank nut.  Once that was in I loosely fitted the two long bolts that go through the A-Frame and De Dion tube.

So, a la Blue Peter, we now get to bolt on an old bit we prepared earlier.  Bring forth the hubs, now shiny and black, retrieve the new bearing sets from the back of the freezer (they were in there a while) and dig out that old race.  Using the old race and the vice, and making sure that the hub and new race were square,  I gradually pressed them in, turning the assembly 90 degrees and then pushing a bit more.  Repeat four times.  Next the bearings themselves which required a couple of minutes of packing with the grease and dropping in before pressing the outer seals in.  Once done, these could be loosely fitted onto the ends of the De Dion tubes.